Author Feature

Author Alex Brady came to Burgundy Books.  She is not only a good novelist but is incredibly interesting to listen to.

She has two young, children and just returned from the midwest.  With her hands full, she remains totally vivacious.   Her books are psychological mysteries and she writes about New York unmatched by anyone I have ever read.  Her writing is real and insightful.  No need to ask if scenarios are true or not because she writes with first hand experience.

She is coming out with a new book but for now, if you hear she will be in your area rush to see her.

A special shout out to her husband, an awesome guy.


A New Location

How about it...15 years of growth and transition.  We are now at 1391 Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook. 



Our Story

It has been four weeks since we moved to our new location.  We are now on one level with an open floor design.  Gone are the challenges of the second floor.  We now are truly handicap accessible.

The location is great.  We are next to the fabulous Tea Kettle Restaurant.  A local author first told me about this restaurant.  They have beautiful flowers planted outside in eating areas.  We will too.  Already are Winter pansies are looking happy.  The postage stamp garden has been raked...what to plant?

Across the street we have the iconic Dairy Queen and Atlantic Seafood.  There is also an outdoor garden shop.  Fresh vegetables and flowers will be on board soon.

Inside Burgundy Books there are tables and shelves full of books.  The goal is to have a both a unique and popular collection of books.

Meeting the authors means a lot, so we invite them to share their stories.

We love what we do here.  Old Saybrook has so much to offer.  It can boast a stunning coast line,  fine dining and culture.

We look forward to meeting you!